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Some of our current programmes include:

Steel Pans (Caribbean music making for ages 10+)

A very popular workshop experience. Develop musical skills through playing  playing steel pans, learn some new and popular tunes, find out some facts about steel pan tradition and then give a performance at the end of the day

Stage productions and activities for young people (Ages 3+)

Early Years

Music Workz for Toddlers Singing and percussion playing activities designed to develop music making, creativity, communication skills and a sense of fun.

Key Stage 1

The King's Birds ( A drama with music aimed at Key Stage 1 Pupils). In an African region a King collects birds of all kinds, one day a couple of tricksters promise him the most magical bird in the world, an offer the King can't refuse. An adventure begins........                                                                           

The Gingerbread Man ( A drama with music aimed at Key Stage 1 Pupils). An accessible version of this popular tale

Key Stage 2

A Rats Tale and A Fish Tale (Both dramas with music aimed at Key Stage 2). Beware what you wish for ! You may end up with more problems than you think. A Christmas Fable (A drama with music aimed at Key Stage 2 Pupils). A traditional Christmas story told in a new way. Ideal for the use of ICT as part of the production

Design your own experience (Talk to us about your ideas and we will work with you to manage and deliver the project whether in curriculum time, to support PPA activity sessions, or developing Extended School provision)